From: Richard Gaertner []
Sent: 26 August 2009 06:19 PM
To: 'Furtak Felix'
Subject: Swimming Baths

Importance: High

Please stop the demolition of the Public Baths


I represent a forum , that is in the process of being established ,called “ Woodstock Village Forum”. This small group of volunteers  also represents the Woodstock Sector 4  Crime Forum from which it has evolved. This new forum has undertaken to become more involved in community issues other than just the sector 4 crime forum, which will remain one of its key functions, but also  looking at social integration and community spirit as a more holistic approach to the crime problem.


In this regard we have been approached by the Queens Park Football association to assist in the realization of their vision to establish a Sports centre.


They have asked us for the opportunity to present their proposal to the forum at our next formal meeting, being the 8th of September 2009 at the Woodstock Police Station.  The club believes that their vision of creating a Club with a professional team possibly called “ Woodstock United” would have a huge impact on the youth of the area. At this stage we are not able to comment much on their proposal as it has not been presented to us in detail but one of our members, Richard Gaertner, is assisting them and has been briefed in full.


we have been told however that the Public Bath Buildings, are an interregnal part of the business plan of the Sports Club and that it would be foolish to demolish them at this stage.


While we have also been informed of the history and the complications of the buildings as well as the cost to council, we believe that the proposed monitorium on the demolition and the opportunity asked for by the Football Club should be considered in the following light.

1.       The sport facilities are used by the whole of Woodstock.

2.       The club has informed us that they  commit to take over the costs of securing the property during this period.

3.       We would like an opportunity to consult with the residents in Woodstock and be able to represent the majority viewpoint.


While we know that the timing of this request is unfortunate, in that this issue has been discussed for a very long period.

it is however only now that we have been approached by the club and shown documentation dating back to October and November 2008 in which they had expressed an interest in utelising the buildings.


Under the circumstances we feel that we need to support their application for a further postponement of any demolition.


Kind regards.